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Brawley Beef Plant will close in April

(Incentive package not enough)….National Beef says the Brawley facility will close as originally planned.

The Kansas City based Beef processors had announced in late January they would be closing their Brawley facility on April 4. The County, IID, City of Brawley and the Cattle industry immediately scrambled to form an Ad-Hoc committee to put together an incentive package to try and keep the facility open and save the 1,300 jobs. National Beef had said there were several issues keeping the Brawley facility from turning a profit. The local committee put together an incentive package meeting most of the concerns, while other issues were being addressed by the Regional Water Quality Control Board and the state. Friday it was announced that National Beef did not feel the package offered would be enough, and the facility was going to close as planned. The closing of the Brawley facility not only means a loss of the 1,300 jobs at the facility, but hundreds more peripheral jobs, as well. It is a major blow to the Cattle industry and other support businesses. It is estimated the local economy will take a $100 million hit, and unemployment will increase 5-6 points.