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IID approves sponsorship for SCORE event

(IID Board approves a sponsorship in an upcoming off-road event)…..The vote, however, was not unanimous.

SCORE International is planning a major event in April. It has been described as possibly one of the biggest events to come to the Imperial County. The Imperial Irrigation District was asked to participate in a sponsorship for the event. Director Bruce Kuhn said the event would be very good for the community, with the probability of attracting large amounts of people. Director Norma Galindo was insistent in knowing how much the County had contributed for a sponsorship. When told it was around $45,000 and it was cash and in-kind services, Galindo wanted to know exactly how much cash and how much was in-kind services. Her concerns could not be answered. Kuhn moved made the motion to provided $15,000 in cash and $5,000 for in-kind services. The vote to approve the motion was 4-1, with Galindo voting against the sponsorship.