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Spending bill includes no funds for Calexico

(Senate approves a 1600 page spending bill)…The good news is, it includes $226 million to expand San Ysidro Port of Entry.

The bad news is that it does not include any funding for expansion of the Downtown Calexico Port of Entry. Both Ports are plagued by long crossing delays. County Supervisor John Renison says a local effort is being put together to lobby for funding for the Calexico Port. Renison says it will be a coordinated effort that will include anyone affected by the long lines, including businesses, truck transport companies, the Long Beach Port that receives goods that cross into the US through the Calexico Port and others. The effort will enlist Congressman Juan Vargas to assist in the lobbying effort. Renison says it will basically mirror what San Diego did to obtain the funds for the San Ysidro Port expansion. The Supervisor said the local Public/Private effort to expand the Calexico Port is also continuing. The House now takes up the spending bill approved by the Senate.