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Two fires in El Centro

(Fire in El Centro)…The first was reported Saturday night.

The apartment complex on North 6th Street was evacuated. The fire was reported at 11:00 pm. Three El Centro engines and one from the County responded. An upstairs apartment was fully engulfed when crews arrived. Seven of the eight apartments in the complex were occupied. All 7 were evacuated. The seven families will be displaced until water and power can be restored to the complex. The American Red Cross responded to care for the families. One-person suffered smoke inhalation and another person was injured trying to escape the blaze. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The second fire was reported at just after 7:00 Monday morning. El Centro responded to a structure on North Seventh Street, North of Lincoln. Officials say the fire turned out to be an out building. An investigation to determine the cause of that fire is underway.