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Galindo decides not to serve as IID Board Vice-President

(IID reorganizes)…And, there was one surprise.

At there meeting Tuesday, the Imperial Irrigation District Board chose a new Board President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer for the new calendar year. Following the normal rotation, the Directors chose Division 3 Director James Hanks to succeed out-going President Matt Dessert. Following the normal rotation, Division 5 Director Norma Galindo would have been chosen Vice-President of the Board. When nominated, Galindo said she did not feel she was ready and expected to be very busy in the coming year. She asked Division 4 Director Steve Benson if he would mind switching places in the rotation. Benson was nominated and he was chosen unanimously to become the new Vice-President of the Board in 2014. Maria Caldera was once again chosen for Treasurer and Gloria Rivera was chosen to continue as Secretary. The elected officers will begin their one-year stint the first meeting in January.