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Board adjusts Registrar of Voters position

(Clerk of the Board will no longer be the Registrar of Voters)….The Board of Supervisors made the change Tuesday Morning.

In 2010 the Supervisors removed the Registrar of Voters position from the Recorder/County Clerk department. It was assigned to the then Clerk of the Board Sylvia Bermudez in the CEO’s Department. At their meeting this week the Supervisors agreed to keep the position in the CEO’s Department, but make it a separate position. In removing it from the Clerk of the Board’s job description, the Board combined the Registrar of Voters with the Elections Officer to create the new position. The Clerk of the Board will now just be the Clerk of the Board. Since Bermudez’ departure, County Elections officer Debi Porter has served as the interim Registrar of Voters. The move will allow the position to be filled on a permanent basis.