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Equitable Distribution Plan and water Apportionment approved

(IID Board approves 2014 plan)….The Equitable Distribution Plan and Water Apportionment for 2014 was approved Monday.

The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors held a special meeting on the plan. They could not reach agreement when the plan was originally presented October 22nd. Last week staff recommended a plan that included straight-line apportionment of water. A majority of the Board felt Historical apportionment should have also been presented. This week the Board came to a happy medium. The Apportionment plan adopted is half straight-line, half Historical. Eligible acreage will receive half of the 2013 apportionment of 5.45 acre-feet of water. The other half will be based on 50 percent of a field’s historical use. Those who need more water will order it from the District’s clearinghouse. Those who receive more water than needed can put it in the clearinghouse.