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Clean And Refresh Clothes Fast

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - You can save time, trouble and money and still keep your  clothes fresh looking. That’s because you can now clean and refresh  them between dry cleanings at home.

Your most-loved, special-care garments can be ready to wear in 20 minutes  with Woolite At-Home Dry Cleaner. It’s a special cloth you put in the  dryer that can gently clean and deodorize most fabrics—including  acetate, cashmere, cotton, linen, ramie, wool, silk and rayon—with no  shrinking, stretching or fading.

Use it to refresh blouses, sweaters, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, school  uniforms, coats, ties, scarves and small household items such as throw  blankets and pillows. It can even relax wrinkles (on your clothes) and you  can use it to remove certain stains by blotting the spot with the cloth  before putting it in the dryer.

What’s more, there’s no bag required as with some laundry  products. The cloth was specifically designed with advanced cleaning technology  to eliminate the hassle of the bag. No required bag means dirt and lint are  allowed to collect in your dryer’s lint filter instead of  redistributing onto your clothes. It’s safe to use in all dryers;  electric, gas and high-efficiency (HE) dryers.

How It Works

A patented dryer-activated cleaning cloth produces a safe, nontoxic  cleaning vapor that gently penetrates clothing for a down-to-the-fiber clean.  It’s environmentally safe and nontoxic because it does not contain  perchloroethylene (perc) or trichloroethylene.

For Best Results

• Do not overfill the dryer. You should be able to see at least half  of your dryer drum.

• Remember, dryers may vary in temperature.

• Garments should be soft to the touch when you take them out. If  they’re too dry or too warm, reduce the time by five minutes the next  time you use the refresher sheet. If the cloth or clothes are still  noticeably damp, increase the time by five minutes the next time.

Where To Find It

It’s available in fresh scent or fragrance free at many fine  retailers including Walmart.

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