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El Centro, California (NAPSA) - Fromm Family Foods, a fourth-generation, family-owned company specializing in premium dog and cat nutrition, offers five unique, dry cat foods and four artisan canned cat foods for a variety of ways to meet your cat's desires.

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One approach to banishing stretch marks involves the use of a specialist moisturizing oil that's formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and dehydrated skin. Bio-Oil has won 135 skin care awards. To learn more, visit

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Today's games are often designed for speed of play and versatility, and generally have something for practically all ages. Two of the latest that can be played on your smartphone are Square Shooters and Dabble. Learn more at and

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As an industry leader in water optimization-helping crops use water more efficiently-Syngenta is helping farmers rethink water and grow more from less by taking a whole-farm approach to improving water efficiency.

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The Centennial Festival of Riverboats will be held in Louisville, Kentucky's internationally acclaimed Waterfront Park in October 2014. The birthday festivities include a riverboat parade, live concerts and a grand fireworks show. Tickets are at