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Feeding Your Feline: Common Cat Challenges

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - As a nutritionist specializing in pet food, I receive  countless questions about finding the right food for cats, especially those  with dietary challenges.

Finicky Felines

It is important to note that finding the right food for your cat is a  process. While the food must supply the required nutrients, to do so it has  to be consumed. Cats often have personal preferences as to specific tastes  and textures. My company, for example, offers five unique, dry cat foods and  four artisan canned cat foods. They present a variety of ways to meet your  cat’s desires.

Canned vs. Dry

When it comes to delivering the right nutrients to your cat, dry or canned  foods can achieve the same results. While dry food is often more cost  effective, canned foods usually contain about 80 percent moisture, which can  be beneficial if your cat needs more moisture intake.

Urinary Stones and Crystals

Often, cats have urinary tract problems caused by stones and crystals.  Research suggests many factors involved in the cause and prevention of  urinary tract issues. These include excessive amounts of poor-quality  nutrients, individual metabolism, water consumption, urine pH, incorrect  mineral balance and, according to one new study, stress. In any case,  however, since some cats do not drink adequate amounts of water, increasing  water consumption can help.

Increasing water consumption will increase the frequency of urination and  help dilute the solid portion of the urine, making it more difficult for  stones and crystals to be formed.

Ways to increase water consumption include:

• Leave a faucet dripping that cats have access to.

• Use two or three recirculating or  waterfall-type watering bowls.

• Feed canned foods either as a meal or as a topper three or four  times per week.

• Add water to the dry food.

• Use small ice cubes as treats.

• Mr. Watkins is the on-site  nutritionist and technical services specialist at Fromm Family Foods, a  fourth-generation, family-owned company specializing in premium dog and cat  nutrition.

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