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Emergency medical responce exercise

(A Medical and Health exercise)…11 Southern California Counties are participating.

Imperial County is one of them. The Public Health department, Pioneers memorial Healthcare District, the County Office of Emergency Services and other partner agencies are participating with hundreds of local, state and federal officials in the 2015 Southern California Regional Exercise for an Anthrax incident, a week long exercise that began Monday. As part of the exercise, simulated medications are being distributed throughout Southern California and dispensed by local health department officials. Christopher Herring, Emergency Medical Services Agency Manager at the local Health Department says this annual exercise is an important part of the County’s preparedness efforts. He says they will be exercising the healthcare system’s ability to rapidly assess a situation, determine who may be most affected, and coordinate response resources. Herring said it is important for the healthcare system to exercise its capability to distribute medical countermeasures to the community in an efficient and expeditious manner.