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El Centro canine's find a lot of marijuana

(El Centro canine experience another hit)…It was another training exercise in Calexico.

El Centro Police Department K-9 unit was conducting their weekly training in a parking lot in Calexico Wednesday. Prior to placing training aids in the yard, the K-9 officers used their k-9 partners to sniff vehicles in the parking lot. During the initial sniff, both K-9’s, Tico and Bico, alerted to a 53-foot box trailer parked at the facility. The alert indicated the presence of the odor of contraband and the vehicle was subsequently towed. A search of the tractor/trailer resulted in the discovery of 638 packages that tested positive for marijuana. The total weight of the seized marijuana was 15,195 pounds, or just over 7 and a half tons. The marijuana was seized and will be destroyed. Not arrests have been made.