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Election Results Are Almost Final

Results from the November 3, 2015 General Election are almost final.The latest summary report was issued Monday afternoon and there are no major changes in the results.

There are still a few more votes to be counted and the results will need to be certified but , there may be a slight problem. In two races there is a tie for the third place finisher. In the Winterhaven Water District race , Ernest Mendivil and Albert J Angelo both received 12 votes and in the San Pasqual Unified School Board race Doylene Lugo and Lisa Aguerro both ended up with 57 votes. Both races are tied for the third seat.

Imperial County Registrar of Voters Debbie Porter said that , if after the final canvas , the races remain tied , she will call in the Superintendent of the San Pasqual School District and the candidates and the Supervisor of the Winterhaven Water District and those candidates and cast lots for the seats. Porter said that exactly how that will be done is yet to be determined and will be reviewed by the County Counsels Office. Porter did say that about 15 years ago a tie was recorded in a Calipatria School Board race and the tie was broken by drawing straws.