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Policy Statement approved

(Supervisors approve a policy statement)…It is on the Sea-to-Sea restoration plan.

The Sea to Sea is a long term Salton Sea restoration plan. It would bring water from the Sea of Cortez to the Salton Sea. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ryan Kelley said the vote was not to endorse the plan. The vote was to indicate the plan should be one of the options considered as a long-term restoration solution to the Salton Sea. The Supervisors said they would ask the Imperial Irrigation District to adopt a similar Policy Statement. IID General Manager Kevin Kelley said he did not think that would be necessary. He said the Memorandum of Understanding between the County and the IID already states the Sea-to-Sea plan should be considered as a long-term solution. Kelley said the objective right now is to convince the state to approve short and mid-term projects to address the environmental issues at the Salton Sea.