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Press Conference on shooting

(Shooting explained)….A press conference was held Wednesday afternoon.

Customs and Border Protectio0n officials gave a preliminary report on the incident, in which a Mexicali fatal injuries. The incident was reported at the Downtown Calexico Port of Entry. The Officials say the 35 year old man rode up to an inspection booth at around Mid-night Wednesday morning. They say the man appeared to try and by-pass the booth. The CBP officer manning the booth grabbed the man by the arm to keep him from passing. They said the man got off his bike and pulled out an 8-inch knife, threatening the officer. The officer fire four shots to detain the man. The man apparently was hit by all four shots. The area was secured, and officers performed emergency medical procedures on the man until paramedics arrived. The man was transported to El Centro Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. The CBP officer, a 7 year employee at the Calexico Port has been placed on Administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing. The Mexican Consul released the name of the victim, but Deputy County Coroner Rodolfo Barron said the victim’s family has not officially been notified, and until they are notified, his Department will not officially confirm the identification.