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Water storage

(IID Board agrees to an amendment)…It deals with the MWD Intentionally created surplus storage.

The amendment adjusts the amount of water The Imperial Irrigation District would store with the Metropolitan Water District. The stored water would be conserved water that could be used as transfer water to San Diego, or it could be used by the IID to pay back over-runs from the District’s Colorado River allotment. It would increase IID’s total storage capacity within MWD’s system to 200,000 acre-feet. San Diego County Water Authority opposes the amendment. They claim the conserved water should be stored in a San Diego facility. San Diego’s water is delivered by the Metropolitan Water District. The IID says the amendment allows for an additional conservation storage opportunity and provides flexibility to store excess on-farm conservation to be used to meet future year’s Quantification Settlement Agreement transfer obligations. The IID Board of Directors approved the amendment on a 3-2 vote, with James Hanks and Bruce Kuhn voting against it.