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Earthquake drill

(The Great Shake Out)…It will be Thursday. The US Geological Survey says this year it will be a worldwide event

. Over 40 million people from 60 countries are registered to participate throughout this year. The Worldwide earthquake drill will be held Thursday. Scientists at the USGS recently determined that nearly half of Americans are exposed to potentially damaging earthquakes based on where they work and live. During the drill participants will practice Drop, Cover, and Hold on. The Geological Survey says this is the recommended safety action to take during an earthquake. Most of the Shake Out Drills will be at 10:15 am local time. At that time participants are asked to drop to the floor, take cover under a sturdy piece of furniture, or up against an interior wall, if no furniture is nearby. Hold on to your head and neck. If you are outdoors, move to an open space, away from power lines, trees, signs, buildings or anything else that could fall on you. If driving, pull to the side of the road, stop and pull the emergency brake. Stay inside the vehicle. For more information go to Did You Feel It at the USGS website.