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State test results

(The results are in)…They were released by the California Department of Education.

The results are from the state’s new standardized test, the Smarter Balanced Assessment, which has been established to measure student’s knowledge of the current and more rigorous academic standards facing the state students. The new test consisted of two major academic content areas, English Language Arts and Mathematics. Overall, 32% of Imperial County students tested either met or exceeded the state standards goal for the English Language Arts, with 28% of the local students nearly meeting the goal and 39% did not meet the standard. Math scores were lower on average for Imperial County students, with just 22% meeting or exceeding the state standard for mathematics. 32% nearly met the standards and almost half, 46% had not met the standard. These numbers are compared to the state averages, in which 44% of the students met the English standards and 34% met the Math standards.