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Mexico Celebrates it's Independence

(This week is Mexico’s Independence Day)….It was on September 16th, 1810 that Father Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla delivered the Grito de Independencia.

Technically called the Grito de Dolores because it was delivered in Dolores Guanajuato, Mexico. It was a call to arms, beginning Mexico’s War of Independence. September 15th and 16th are special days in Mexico, known as the Fiestas Patrias. In Mexicali the two-day celebration is traditionally held at the Centro Civico government complex. Celebrations in Imperial County were held over the weekend. At Crummet Park in Calexico and at Hidalgo Hall in Brawley. El Centro will host a Grito De Independencia Celebration this Saturday at Stark Field on Fourth Street. There will be music, dance, kids activities and much more. The celebration starts at 5:00 pm.