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Preparing for El Nino

(Planning for El Nino)…IID Directors receive a report.

Weather forecasters are predicting an El Nino weather event in the fall. Some have described it as a Godzilla El Nino. The Imperial Irrigation District Directors were told Tuesday that may or may not be the case. Staff said preparations were being planned to minimize damage to the Imperial Irrigation District, as well as the County. IID staff said they were meeting with County Office of Emergency Services, as well as other county and city officials to prepare for El Nino. They said pre-planning was very important. They said weather forecasts were very high tech these days, and given three days warning before a thunderstorm hits, water could be lowered in canals and other emergency actions could be taken to avoid a major disaster. Retentions are also planned for major canals to handle the over-flow. They said an El Nino could increase rainfall by an inch or up to 3 to 8 inches. They say the last El Nino doubled the normal rainfall in Imperial County.