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Team of the Month goes above and beyond to keep the lights on

(IID honors their September 2015 Team of the Month)….All 168 of them.

Actually, they were not all at the Tuesday Imperial Irrigation District Board meeting. Most were still working. The team members are the IID employees repairing the storm damage in the Coachella Valley. The storm hit in early August, destroying substations, over 100 power poles, the District’s 92 kv K Line and the 121 kv L line, and knocking out power to many in the area. Energy Department Manager Carl Sills described it as the biggest emergency to hit the IID in years. Sills said the damage put a tremendous strain on the IID energy system, especially on August 14, as repair were being made, one of the hottest days of the year hit. Sills said the energy department peaked at 992 megawatts, a new summer record. The employees kept the system working when it should have failed. Damage from the storm is estimated at between $13 and $18 million. Power was back on within days for most all residents. The K line was repaired in 3.5 days. The District says they have contracted the work on the L line. It is expected to be back on line by September 17th. Each Team member will receive a certificate of appreciation, and the gratitude from thousands for their hard work.