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Emergency Proclamation

(IID approves an emergency proclamation)….And, they say the emergency continues.

The proclamation is for damages suffered in the Coachella Valley. On August 6th a microburst, with winds of up to 120 miles per hour. The winds took out 7 Imperial Irrigation District substations, 130 poles, the 92 kv K-line and the L line. Power was restored to almost all the residents on Sunday, but replacing the K-line and L-line could take longer. The lines are transmission lines. The District says the damages have cost $13.4 million, and that is number will be going up. The proclamation approved by the IID Directors will be taken to Riverside for their approval. Once that happens, it will go to the state for reimbursements. Energy Department manager Carl Stills said the emergency conditions continue in that area.