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IID GM addresses legislative committee

(IID addresses legislative committee)…It was on the Renewable energy solutions at the Salton Sea.

At the request of the California State Assembly Select Committee on Renewable Energy Development and Restoration of the Salton Sea, Imperial Irrigation District General Manager Kevin Kelley served as a panelist during Tuesday’s assembly committee hearing “Achieving a Low-Carbon Reliable Grid and the Role of the Salton Sea” where he spoke about pertinent energy issues in the context of the declining sea. Kelley provided testimony regarding the challenges and opportunities of renewable energy procurement in relation to the IID balancing authority, its transmission network and the region’s potential to help the state meet its reduced greenhouse gas emission goals. Kelley also spoke about the impacts of the ag-to-urban water transfers on the Salton Sea and the role geothermal/renewable energy can play in mitigating the impacts in helping restore the sea, while alleviating a public health crisis as the lakebed is exposed. The General Manager applauded Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia and the legislature for examining the sea’s potential and shining a spotlight on opportunity that cannot be ignored.