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Mother Nature comes through, at least for now

(Colorado River water users may be getting a break)…All of Imperial Counties water comes from the River.

Just a few months ago it was predicted a shortage would probably be declared on the River as soon as next year. The Bureau of Reclamation now says users may have caught a break from Mother Nature. Severe storms last month in the Colorado River basin may have provided enough water to delay the declaration for another 2 years. The Bureau says the May storm run-off is providing an estimated 3 million-acre feet of water to Lake Powell, which is 51 percent of full. Lake Powell and Lake Mead are the two storage reservoirs on the Colorado River. Lake Mead, which is very low, is fed off Lake Powell. The Bureau says the increased water will now stave off a shortage declaration. If a water shortage is declared, the first to have their allotments cut will be Arizona and Nevada, because of their place on the priority list. Last to be cut would be the Imperial County.