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Over $20,000 seized, at least for now

(Police find a lot of cash on a woman)…It was the result of a traffic stop

. El Centro Police Officer James Thompson, along with his K-9 partner Tico, Stopped a newer model Land Rover at around 9:41 Wednesday morning. Officer Thompson had noticed the vehicle was swerving on Highway 111, near Heber Road. The female driver, a resident of Mexico with a license issued in Whittier, California, explained to the officer she had become nervous when she saw the patrol car come up behind her. As the officer and the woman continued to talk, Thompson became suspicious of her statements. He was granted permission to search the vehicle for contraband. The woman admitted she was carrying a large amount of US currency in the vehicle. The K-9, Tico, conducted a sniff of the vehicle and alerted to the cash. It came to $20,021. The female was detained and an investigator was called to interview her. The officers noticed inconsistencies in the woman’s story as to the money and why she was going to Mexico. Based on that and the k-9 alert, the money was seized as drug proceeds. The woman was provided with the forms that would allow her the opportunity to show proof of income or proof the currency was legally in her possession. If she can do that, the money will be returned to her. If not, the money will be subject to state asset forfeiture laws. The woman was also issued a citation for the traffic violation and she and the vehicle were released.