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City Manager contract approved

(Calexico today has a City Manager)…One with a contract.

Tuesday night the City Council voted to approve a negotiated contract with Richard Warne, who had been working without a contract since last December. In approving the contract, the Council may have kept the City insured. The Joint Powers Insurance Authority had told the City that their liability and workers compensation insurance could be canceled unless stable high level administrator was not hired. The JPIA praised the job Warne had done as City Manager. The swing vote Tuesday was Council member Armando Real, who had voted against the contract on previous occasions. He has not revealed what changed his mind Tuesday. Real was joined by Maritza Hurtado and John Moreno in voting in favor of the contract. Council Members Joong Kim and Luis Castro cast the dissenting votes. It is believed the agreement will pay Warne $199,000 per year, with an 8 month severance package.