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Garcia's Salton Sea bill moves out of the Assembly

(AB 1095 moves on to the state Senate)….The Bill passed out of the Assembly this week.

It was authored by Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, who says the bill was approved in the Assembly with bipartisan support. The Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2015 requires the National Resources Agency to report to the legislature by March 31, 2016 on eligible shovel ready projects on the Salton Sea. Garcia said the clock was ticking and water transfers are scheduled in 2017, per the Quantification Settlement Agreement, which will increase the rate at which the sea declines. The Assemblyman says approximately 400,000 people in the Coachella and Imperial Valleys will be harmed by the estimated 33% increase in the amount of the fine windblown dust from the exposed playa at the sea. Garcia said the Salton Sea Task Force proposed by the Governor will develop these plans in coordination with stakeholders to help the construction of projects that protect both wildlife habitat and air quality at the Salton Sea.