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Stalemate in the QSA JPA

(The QSA Joint Powers Authority does not have a budget)…For the first time in years, the JPA does not approve a new budget

. Imperial Irrigation District General Manager Kevin Kelley said Tuesday a budget plan was presented at the recent QSA JPA meeting. He said the plan included a line item dealing with the exposed playa at the Salton Sea. Kelley said when the budget was presented for a vote, it did not contain the line item. He said it had been removed by the San Diego County Water Authority. Kelley said he demanded the item be returned to the budget. He said the item would help pay for a solution to the toxic air quality resulting from the exposed playa. San Diego and Coachella Valley voted against the budget with the line item. The State and the IID voted in favor. He said the stalemate is being negotiated and another vote would be taken in the future. Tuesday the Imperial Irrigation District voted unanimous to direct the General Manager to stay the course, and demand the line item be included in the budget.