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Special meeting finally scheduled

(Special meeting in Calexico)…It was not held Friday.

The meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. The meeting was legally requested and legally posted. The Calexico Interim City Manager Richard Warne said he had not scheduled a special meeting last week because the request and the meeting were in violation of the Brown Act. In an email to the City Council members, Warne said the original request was made by Mr. Boehmer and did not mention any City Council members. A request for a special City Council meeting must be made by at least 3 City Council members. Warne said before he could respond to the request, the attorney filed a lawsuit against the City Manager’s position, demanding that he schedule a special meeting. The Judge hearing the suit dismissed it for various reasons. Warne recommended the Friday request not be held for the same Brown Act problems, plus more than 3 City Council members needed to be present to discuss or act on the City Manager position. The Friday plans were scrapped, and City Council Members Armando Real, Luis Castro and Kim Joong properly requested the Tuesday meeting, which is scheduled to be held at 4:00 pm in the City Council Chambers.