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Special meeting

(City Councilman calls for a special meeting)….Calexico City Councilman Luis Castro called for the meeting to be Friday evening at 6:00 pm.

In an email, the notice says the special meeting is to discuss the Acting Interim/Permanent City Manager. There is some question as to if Castro met the time schedule to legally hold a special meeting under the Brown Act. Under the Act meeting notices need to be posted 24 hours in advance of the meeting. It is not known exactly when the notice was posted. As of Friday morning, the notice had not been posted on the Cities Website. Calexico’s Interim City Manager Richard Warne was in a meeting and unavailable for comment. Castro’s email comes a day after Imperial County Superior Court Judge Jeffery Jones denied a request for a Writ of Mandate. The Writ is a type of lawsuit that was filed by the then acting City Attorney on behalf of Calexico City Council members Armando Real, Joong Kim, and Luis Castro. The three wanted the court to force Warne to schedule a special meeting. The Judge determined it was not the City Managers legal responsibility to call a special meeting. He said that was the responsibility of the City Council.