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High levels of PM 10

(A lot of dust in the air)….It has been mostly in the North County.

The Air Pollution Control District issued an Air Quality Alert for Brawley and Niland early Friday morning. The Alert is for very high levels of PM 10, which is mostly dust. The high winds are creating the dust situation. The air quality in the North County is at a condition of Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups. The people at risk are those with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and small children. They are most at risk when they are physically active. The US Environmental Protection Agency recommends those in the at risk category should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion. They say prolonged usually means 4 hours or more with short rest periods. To reduce exposure to particulate matter those in the sensitive groups should reduce the intensity and duration of outdoor activities, or postpone outdoor activities to days when particulate levels are lower. The National Weather Service says the strong winds will decrease late Friday night.