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Public Hearing on Air Pollution rules

(Air Pollution Control Board holds a public hearing)…It was part of the Board of Supervisors meeting.

Sitting as the Air Pollution Control Board, the Supervisors held the hearing to discuss new Air Pollution Control District rules, as well as revised rules, as well. The Board adopted a new rule that called for the paving of unpaved public roads, to reduce the levels of PM 10 in the County. A representative from the Center for Bio-Diversity spoke against the new rule, saying the paving projects would endanger the Horned Tail Lizards. They also said while the projects may reduce levels of PM 10, they would increase levels of PM 2.5, which is a much more dangerous particulate matter. APCD Officer Brad Poiriez countered that the lizard would not be in danger, and all particulate matter would be monitored. Another new rule adds NOX to the Agricultural Burning Emission and Reduction Credits. The Emission Reduction Credit Bank Fees were increased. Poiriez said the fees had not been increased since 1993. Rules covering Emission Reduction Credit Banking and Community Bank and Priority Reserve were also revised.