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Sheriff's office applys for annual grant

(ICSO submits application)…The Sheriff’s office submits the application every year.

It is for State of California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Grant funds for fiscal year 2014-2015. This year the Sheriff’s office applied for Law Enforcement funding for a total of $499,833 that will be utilized to pay salaries for one Sergeant position and two Deputy positions, office/storage rental, overtime on holiday weekends and maintenance of equipment. They also applied for Education and Safety funds for a total of $24,288 to be used to pay for supplies and materials to educate the general public on off-highway safety. Under-sheriff Fred Miramontes told the Board of Supervisors Tuesday that supplies, volunteer work, salaries from a lieutenant position, fuel and some of the maintenance equipment will be used as an in-kind match for the grants. As a requirement for the grant it was necessary for the Sheriff’s office to obtain a Governing Body resolution from the County Board of Supervisors to the California State Parks Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division. The Board approved the resolution on a unanimous vote.