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Strike in San Quintin

(Talks break off, again)….Hundreds of Farm Workers are demanded better pay and better benefits.

The San Quintin are is in full harvest. Hundreds walked off the job, but many did not, continuing the harvest, just at a slower pace. The striking workers had fired their union, and are using the National, State and Municipal Alliance for Social Justice as their representatives. They had demanded to speak with growers directly. The workers said they wanted an unprecedented 15 % pay increase, as well as other benefits. Growers walked out of the meeting after a statement was read. The statement said workers in San Quintin were already making more than the national average. They said the increase demanded would be harmful to the economy. The striking Farm Workers boarded buses Saturday to caravan through Northern Baja California, ending in Mexicali, the state capital. The workers say pay is only one issue. They also want the growers to recognize seniority, paid holidays, three months pregnancy leave, social security benefits and they want a ban on the sexual harassment of female workers.