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County to comment

(Supervisors agree to comments for the DRECP EIS/EIR)…The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan was put together in 2014

. It was put together to help California and the nation meet renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, Identify suitable areas within which the siting of renewable energy projects, and Identify suitable areas for biological conservation, management and enhancement. The Counties main problem with the 12,000 page document is the suitable area part. For Imperial Valley, the document sites the suitable area for renewable projects is all the productive farmland. The County Supervisors contend the Bureau of Land Management should open up some of the federal land for development. They also say the area surrounding the Salton Sea, including the exposed playa, should be used. The County had set a goal of 20,000 acres of Ag land to be used for solar development. With the project approved last week, they are at just over 19,000 acres. The concerns will be submitted before the February 23rd deadline for the comment period.