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Solar Project approved

(Supervisors approve the Iris Cluster Solar Farm Project)….The Public Hearing was held at the Board of Supervisors Tuesday meeting.

Several spoke in favor of the project, including owners of land where the project would be located. Most of the speakers were union members asking the Board to approve the project to ensure jobs for local union members. One person spoke against the project, because it would take farmland out of production. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ryan Kelley asked that staff develop a type of moratorium on any more similar projects at least until May. That is when the County General Plan update is expected to be released. The update is expected to clarify the county position that no more than 2% of ag land would be used for solar projects. The IRIS Cluster Solar Farm Project is expected to produce 360 megawatts of solar energy and employ a few hundred people during the construction period, with 24 permanent employees after the project is constructed.