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JPIA votes on Calexico insurance coverage

(Calexico in danger of losing its insurance)…The vote has already been taken.

In a statement issued by Calexico Mayor John Moreno, the Joint Powers Insurance Authority has voted unanimously to terminate liability and worker compensation coverage for the city of Calexico. In the statement issued this week, Moreno says the JPIA said that action would be rescinded, if the City Council stabilizes the upper administration. Specifically, the JPIA wants the city to sign a firm contract for a City Manager and a Police Chief. The Mayor said the Authority has praised the work done by Richard Warne as City Manager and Interim Police Chief Bostic. The JPIA said the problem is that both are only interim, and in threat of losing of not having their contracts renewed. The Authority said they were not endorsing anyone, but the positions had to be stabilized. Moreno said the JPIA has also reminded the City Council to remove itself from the day-to-day operations and stop interfering with staff. The Mayor said the JPIA said they wanted to see significant movement on their recommendations within ten days before they would consider rescinding the vote to cancel the cities insurance.