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North Hollywood man admits to scheme

(U.S. Attorney’s office cracks down on a fraudulent Medicare operation)…They described it as a Medicare-billing mill.

The operation was run out of a clinic in El Centro run by Gevorg Kupelian of North Hollywood. The US Attorney’s office says they have successfully prosecuted Kupelian. He has been sentenced to 30 months in jail, and ordered to re-pay $964,011. Kupelian and others billed Medicare for medical tests on unsuspecting seniors that were either medically unnecessary or were never performed. The Clinic was located on Broadway in El Centro. Kupelian admitted he set up the clinic and found a doctor to act as the official physician of record. Kupelian admitted the Doctor served primarily as a front so that he could use his Medicare billing number to submit the fraudulent claims. The US Attorney’s office in San Diego says the clinic generated more than $2.7 million in claims to Medicare. That resulted in about $1.3 million to the front Doctor, who put 75 percent of that into an Kupelian’s account. Kupelian was ordered to turn himself in on July 8 to begin serving his sentence. The Doctor who served as the Front was not identified.