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L.A. newspaper supports local efforts

(The Times backs Imperial County efforts)….The efforts are to restore the Salton Sea.

In an editorial published in the Los Angeles based newspaper Sunday, it is essential to save the Salton Sea for several reasons. The editorial still claims the Salton Sea was an accident, but they say there are now several reasons the so-called accident should be saved. One is the environmental issue. They say the largest inland lake in California has turned into a main stop for migratory birds on the Pacific Flyway, which extends from Alaska to the tip of South America. The Salton Sea is also home to the Desert Pup Fish, a species on the endangered list. The editorial also lists the danger of the toxic sediment that would create major health issues if the playa at the Salton Sea was allowed to dry up. The sediment would turn into a toxic dust that could affect residents up into the Los Angeles area. The editorial applauds the state Water Resources Control Board for conducting an all day public workshop this week on the issue, even though they do not feel there is much that Board can do. They say it is important the issue is at least being discussed by the state.