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Prelininary Decision In IID - CAISO Lawsuit

A preliminary decision has been issued in the antitrust lawsuit filed by the Imperial Irrigation District ( IID ) against the California Independent System Operator Corporation ( CAISO ).

Judge Anthony J. Battaglia's order grants in part and denies in part the motion by CAISO to dismiss the antitrust complaint filed by IID in July of this year. In his order , Judge Battaglia determined that the dismissal is without prejudice to the District , meaning that the IID may file an amended complaint to address the issues he found deficient.

IID General Counsel Ross Simmons said , " While out legal team is still reviewing the order in it's entirety , we are pleased to learn the Court rejected CAISO's principal argument that the antitrust claims belong before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and not the U. S. District Court. We are , however , disappointed that Judge Battaglia found the current pleading does not yet adequately spell out why CAISO's conduct as a monopolist was " exclusionary " within the meaning of federal antitrust law." Simmons added that the IID Board of Directors will ultimately decide what the district's next course of action will be.