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Escapee found in Mexicali

(Escaped inmate captured)…The Sheriff’s office notified the public of the escape Tuesday morning.

They said 26-year-old Rafael Gomez turned up missing in a routine facility count. The California Highway Patrol had arrested the Calexico resident in October. The arrest was made after a pursuit, in which Gomez is charged with fleeing the CHP. He was charged with driving in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property while fleeing from pursuing officers. He was also charged with resisting arrest. The Sheriff’s office notified all law enforcement agencies of the escape. Officials say Gomez was captured in Mexicali. Details of the capture have not been released. Gomez was turned over to local authorities at the Downtown Calexico Port. He was taken back to the County Jail, booked on additional charges of escape.