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Cinco de Mayo

(Tuesday in Cinco de Mayo)…It is the day Mexico beat the French in the Batalla de Puebla.

In 1862 Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza put together a group of 2,000 rag-tag soldiers to defend the City of Puebla against the invasion of a much better trained, much better armed battalion of French soldiers. It was an all day battle, but the Mexicans prevailed, and the French retreated. Mexico had won the battle, but eventually lost the war, as the French took over President Benito Juarez’s Government. Mexico declared Cinco de Mayo a legal holiday. It is recognized nationwide, but celebrated mostly in Puebla and in the United States. Over the weekend Cinco de Mayo was celebrated at the Hidalgo Society in Brawley and at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in El Centro. The Day will be recognized all day Tuesday on the campus of Imperial Valley College.