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State Water Board workshop

(State Water Resources Control Board workshop)…It is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th.

The Imperial Irrigation District will partner with the County in making a presentation at the workshop. The presentation will address the District’s petition on the state’s unmet restoration obligation at the Salton Sea. The petition was filed in November 2014. In the petition the District offers a specific process and timetable for the parties to the 2003 Quantification Settlement Agreement, the landmark water-sharing pact that has enabled California to live within its annual entitlement of 4.4 million acre feet from the Colorado River, to reach consensus on the most realistic and sustainable Salton Sea restoration plan. If this facilitated dialogue should fail to produce a consensus plan, the IID is asking the state board to consider making the state’s obligation to restore the Salton Sea a condition of the water transfer under the QSA. The workshop is being held in Sacramento and it begins at 9:00 am.