Comments on Navy Draft EIS sent PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 11:18

(County comment letter over 90 pages long)…The comment letter is on the Draft EIS prepared by the Navy.

 The Environmental Impact Statement was prepared to provide information on the sites under consideration for the West Coast Homebasing of the F-35C Strike Fighter Squadron. The coalition Imperial Valley United, formed to support the Homebasing of the Squadron at Naval Air Facility, El Centro. Lemoore Naval Air Station is the other base under consideration. The coalition complained the EIS was not entirely accurate, and illegal because it favored Lemoore. IV United was granted an extension to the comment period, and they used that time to dissect the EIS. The long comment letter, a list of signatures supporting NAF and the letters of community support for NAF were all sent off Tuesday, meeting the May 7 comment period deadline. The Supervisors also approved another $10,000 donation to the Coalition to allow them to continue efforts to convince the Navy to choose the NAF as the new home for the fighter squadron. IV United is encouraging others to contribute, as well. They are expected to go before the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors as well as other local entities in the near future.