Minor offenders to get a break PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 08:44

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(Supervisors agree with the District Attorney)….Gilbert Otero presented a new Program to the Board Tuesday. The D.A. said the Community Accountability Program would establish a pre-charge, pre-trial and/or a post-trial diversion program. Otero said it was in line with the state’s realignment in that it would be for non-serious misdemeanor charges. He said it was a program designed to allow the offenders an opportunities for rehabilitation, and allow authorities to see who was serious about rehabilitation. The District Attorney said prosecution would be differed until completion of the program. Otero said an indigent program would be developed for those who could not afford the program charges. The National Corrective Group would over-see the program under a contract with the D.A.’s office.