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Tuesday, 23 April 2013 17:50

(IID adopts equitable distribution plan and apportionment)….The vote, however, was not unanimous.

The Imperial Irrigation District Directors held a lengthy meeting Tuesday. One of the highlights of the agenda was the apportionment implementation. None on the Board liked the plan presented to them, but most agreed they had to start somewhere. The District is in need of a plan to help manage the Colorado River Water allotment, by eliminating water over-runs. A Board appointed Water Conservation Committee came up with a recommendation. The Directors, on a 3-2 vote, approved the recommendation. Directors James Hanks and Norma Galindo vote against it. The Directors approved a resolution adopting the IID Equitable Distribution Plan addendum to the negative declaration of 2006, and adopted the revised Equitable Distribution Plan. On another 3-2 vote, the Board agreed to move forward with the 5.45 acre-foot/acre agricultural apportionment for 2013 as a pilot program effective next week, May 1st. The pilot program will end December 31, 2013. Water Department Manager Jesse Silva said all growers would be allotted 5.45 acre-feet of water per year, pro-rated for the partial year. He said a Clearinghouse would be developed in the first 60 days of the program. Assistant Water Department Manager Tina Shields said that would provide those who need more water with what they need. The Clearinghouse would be created through water not needed by other growers. Shields said the pilot program would be continually assessed every month, and they should know by November if it had served its purpose.