CBP minimizes sequester impacts PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 April 2013 10:37

(CBP gets a reprieve)…And that may carry-over for border crossers.

 The Federal Sequester went into effect April 1st. That is when the cuts under the sequester were to take effect. Funding cuts were expected in all federal departments, including Customs and Border Protection. It had been feared that CBP cuts in over-time and the implementation of mandatory furloughs would create horrendous lines at the ports of entry. Those fears have been averted. Deputy CBP Commissioner Thomas Winkowski said Monday that, for now, the agency was postponing all furloughs and a ban on overtime. He said an appropriations bill signed by President Obama last week gives the agency more flexibility. The CBP used that flexibility to rework their spending plans, allowing for no changes to personnel. Winkowski said the bill allowed them to re-examine the entire budget in an attempt to minimize any impact on employees. Unions say they are happy for the reprieve, but this is only a reprieve and they would still like to see more permanence.