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New jail process

(Staffing plan and 30 year operating cost analysis)….It is for the new Jail.

The Plan and Analysis were accepted by the County Board of Supervisors Tuesday. The County was awarded State AB 900 funding of $33 million to build a new Medium security jail. A requirement of the grant award is a resolution from the Board of Supervisors approving the staffing and operational cost of the new facility. Sheriff Ray Loera told the Board at their weekly meeting, the new jail would open in two phases. In Phase one, the jail will open with four of the six new housing units occupied. New staffing will include 1 Lieutenant, 7 Correctional Officers and 3 Correctional Clerks. The cost for the 11 new positions is projected to be $723,792. In Phase 2, all six housing units will be occupied. In Phase 2, 8 more Correctional Officers will be needed. The new jail is expected to open by 2018. The purpose of the new jail is to accommodate the influx of inmates resulting from the state’s prison realignment. County Executive Officer Ralph Cordova said the County was in need of a new jail, and should be able to absorb the initial cost for additional staffing. The Sheriff said Counties are currently trying to get additional staff funding from the state.