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Sobriety checkpoint set for Saturday

(Sobriety checkpoint this weekend)….It will be conducted by the California Highway Patrol. It will be set up somewhere in the Imperial County.

As is tradition, they will not give an exact location. The goal of the CHP is to ensure the safe passage of each and every motorist by targeting roads where there is a high frequency of intoxicated or unlicensed drivers. A sobriety/drivers license checkpoint is a proven effective tool for achieving this goal, according to the Highway Patrol. They say it is designed to augment existing patrol operations. The CHP says by publicizing their efforts, they believe that they can deter motorists from being intoxicated or unlicensed while driving a motor vehicle. They say, traffic volume permitting, all vehicles will be checked. Their objective is to send a clear message to those individuals that consider mixing alcohol or drugs and/or driving unlicensed. The message is The CHP will be keeping a close eye out for you.