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Flash Flood rescue

(Mexicali woman learns about Flash Floods)….She drove into one.

49-year-old Maria Micaela Garzon was driving near Highway 78 and Walters Camp Road at around 4:52 Wednesday morning. She saw rushing water crossing the roadway and tried to drive through it. The Ford Focus got caught in the flash flood. A passer-bye was able to help 25-year-old Alejandra Garzon and a 4-month-old baby out of the Ford before the water carried it further away. The driver was able to get out of the vehicle and climb to the roof. That is where the California Highway Patrol found her. The CHP could not reach the woman. A Marine Helicopter was called in. They were able to rescue the woman at 7:30 Wednesday morning. All three were checked, and it was found they were not injured. The heavy rains in the Mountains had caused the flash flood.